The show will go on! We are delighted to confirm Wonthaggi Human Powered Grand Prix will be running in 2020. We have received some additional entries so the start line will be nice and busy.


But the biggest thanks goes to an enormous and generous effort of fundraising by some past HPV legends. This campaign – led by Ben Goodall of Trisled – was able to secure the financial viability of this edition of the event. These donors have either made personal donations or business donations in response to the significant role this Wonthaggi event has played in their own personal development. WOW!

Their generous contributions will be recognised in our Event Manual and on our website in due course, but a HUGE THANK YOU to this collective effort.


Now, Team Managers are invited to:

  1. Update your team names (log-in to the portal)
  2. Starting adding in your rider details (log-in to the portal)
  3. Pay any outstanding entry fees (Wattle Racing, we’re looking at you ;))
  4. Book a dinner for your team at the Wonthaggi Workmans’ Club (PDF Special Offer here)


One of our program aims is to create an excellent technology project for people of all ages – from Prep to VCE level and beyond. A part of this focus is the inclusion of Design and Construction assessment on the Friday of the event. Here team members will have the opportunity to talk about their vehicle, to highlight key features of what has been created, and why.

As this is a NEW part of the Wonthaggi event program and we acknowledge it is a change from past practice, we will NOT be making the Design and Construction element compulsory in 2020. Whilst it is optional this year, we will be still presenting seperate Awards for this and celebrating teams who have excelled.

It is our intention to introduce this as a fully compulsory element of our event in 2021 and we hope that this important learning opportunity is valued by teams.


By the end of next week (21 Feb), the 2020 Event Manual will be released with the finer details including Marshal Rosters and Scrutineering schedules.